Saturday, 12 February 2011

advance wars sprites

I like this kind of thing a lot. Different armies, colours pieces mathematically put together.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Some sketches, practice makes perfect

Just using various things for practice, namely John K's Ren and stimpy along with Wario from Nintendo.

Drawing from the centre outwards using last pieces to scale everything right. Seems to be working fairly well, why didn't I do this before???

Anyway, here begins it.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

This blog, will help.

Don't know why, but blogging keeps my mind on track and gives me a sense of purpose. This blog is maybe gonna start a little rough, I have several interest and want to talk about them more deeply and learn from others here at blogger. 

Main interests and subjects to be looked at in this blog will be:

Animation and Design
My portfolio progress, which I will try to make as fun as possible. I want to make progress with my skills but don't want to stray from my original goal. Animation/Illustration is where I'd like to be. I found in college we often worked on stationary for offices and reeeeeaaaaaallllly boring fake companies. I never intend to do this, I'm not very materialistic. I'd rather live a life of working in a supermarket then doing design at my leisure rather than working in a London studio and finding the ambitions of others taking over.

Miniatures and model kits
Next, I will be talking about various interests like miniatures (I love Games-workshop miniatures, especially making my own versions and playing with the colours. Want to learn to paint much better, I've recently found a new love for washing and highlighting so want to get it to a much higher standard. Should help my design work too.

Next, Snowboarding! I want to learn to teach and eventually travel to teach abroad. This isn't a long term thing, but maybe take a year or two out, and just during season at that. Can teach at my local Garthdee  dry ski slope out of season perhaps? Mean to get training there this summer. In the mean time, I will be joining improver classes to improve technique. I've never had a lesson, but been snowboarding some years now. My parents always wanted me to ski. So I taught myself over time and slowly changed from one to the other. My technique might be a little off, but so far, whatever I'm doing works.

Guitar and singing
I'm no John Lennon, but I enjoy playing and a good friend of mine has helped me get to courage to join him and do an open mic night. It's nice to finally have someone to play with (guitar of course). We switch around vocals and play covers for the enjoyment of it. I might think about trying to write again but I tend to find that my structuring is bad and I don't really have that much to sing about. Not anything that I'd want to sing over and over anyway.